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Welcome to the Peters' family web site.  Inside you will find all kinds of news, reviews, tips, hints, experiences, and hopefully some useful information!  The information herein represent our opinions and point of view.  Your mileage may vary.  

Beach House Linens

Backup Your Mailman lists with this PHP script 

A Simple Solution To Reduce Identity Theft [pdf]

Local Weather Images and Links

Buying & Operating a Backup Power Generator

Seawell Elementary SGC Page

Tomato Pie Recipe

RTP To Chapel Hill Traffic Console

VW Passat = Most Unreliable Car

U-Haul Experiences (with TV coverage)


Kayley's Bird Sightings

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Simply drag and drop each of these the links bar of your Internet Explorer browser and you can go straight to the results page, skipping the initial page load altogether!!  I used short names to take up as little space as possible on your precious real estate.  Dictionary: dict; Dogpile: dog; Google Usenet: un; Yahoo: Y

Another cool feature - double click on a word on this page (but not a link), then click on dict or the button you created previously.  The highlighted word will be looked up in a new window!  

For you ATT Wireless users, how about a browser link button that allows you to instantly send a message to someone?  Start out by dragging ATTWS Msg to your IE links bar.  Then right click on the link and select properties.  In the beginning of the URL field change 9195551212 to the destination number and Your Name to your name.  Viola!

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